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Top suppliers of quality healthy kuroiler chicks. This is a superior improved kienyeji breed that entered Kenya from Uganda but it originates from India. The Kuroiler breed is genetically Improved and it's popular among many Kenyans and has shown ultimate performance East Africa for the last 7 years. Chick prices Day old ksh @ 70. sex assorted kuroiler chicks. Males/jogoo @ ksh 70 Female/hen @ ksh 70 1 week kuroiler ksh 100-130 2 weeks kuroiler ksh 140-160 3 weeks kuroiler ksh 170-200 4 weeks/one month kuroiler ksh 200-250 other breeds Sasso (silverlands TZ) ksh 99 Kenbro (Kenchic LTD) ksh 99 Rainbow roosters ( Kukuchic LTD) ksh 99 Hyline cockerels (grade jogoo) chicks ksh 29 Brown commercial layers ksh 100 Cobb 500 broilers ksh 75 

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