1.Are your chicks vaccinated?

  • Our day old chicks are vaccinated against Mareks. Once you purchase our chicks,you are required to follow a vaccination schedule that can be downloaded here.

2.What is the minimum order quantity?

  • We have set our minimum order quantity to 50 chicks in-order to fit the packing and logistics standards.

3. Do i pay before or after delivery ?

  •  Payments are made before delivery, cash payments are not accepted. All payments should be made via MPESA till no 732510, In the case of bulk transactions a bank account number is provided. Cheques  should be deposited in good time to allow verification and maturity. Chicks are not delivered if a cheque has not matured.

4.What happens in case i do not get my chicks on the actual date ?

  • Adweek chicks has a 98.5% delivery efficiency, which means all clients get their chicks on the actual day they expected to receive them,In the case of a missed order due to un predicted  hitches, The order is carried forward to the next date of supply. If deemed impossible to supply on the next date,a full refund is made.

5.How do I get to book?

  • Any order placed shall be listed as booked only if a commitment fee/deposit has been made or paid in full. The Commitment fee/deposit should be cleared before the actual date of delivery.
  • Follow the following steps.Go to your M-PESA menu,lipa na M-PESA,Buy Goods and Services, Enter till no-732510 (ADWEEK MARKETEERS) ,enter amount,enter your PIN.You shall then provide details of the collection point and details of the recepient through the following number: 0742214220.

6.How long do I wait after booking?

  • Our chicks are available on a weekly basis.It takes less than 7 days to receive your consignment once you have placed an order.

7.Do you deliver?

  • Yes.We offer free delivery to all major and minor towns countrywide.

8.Which breeds are improved kienyeji?

  • Improved kienyeji refers to indigenous chicken breeds that that have been genetically crossed to achieve superior traits such as faster maturity rates, more egg production and increased weight.Currently, the Kenyan market offers improved kienyeji breeds such as Kuroilers, Kenbro and Rainbow roosters.These chicken also have a high egg production since they don't go broody.

9.How do I sell my chicken or chicken products through this website?

  • We wish to connect our farmers to the growing market thus this website feature gives PRIORITY to farmers who have purchased products in the past from us.To have your products featured, you are encouraged to buy chicks from your company of choice through adweek. We feature products such as eggs,meat,2 weeks to 4 months old chicken,mature and laying chicken. However, you can follow the link to have your products featured. https://goo.gl/forms/95LgMeECDY2Xey403